Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alabama Welcome Center

The Alabama Welcome Center celebrated thirty five years, and Atlas was there to witness the fun and have a little of his own.

Welcome to Alabama

This is the welcome center as you walk up.

These are the flags that have flown over Alabama.

There was a large crowd for a welcome center.
This post will be divided into three parts: welcome center and NASA, military, 35 years celebration.

The welcome center showed the Saturn rocket.
Atlas was so very excited to see the rocket.
He was like "Take a picture of me with it."
It was at first difficult to get the entire rocket in the picture, so I walked into the field beside\behind the center and was able to get it just through the trees.

"I think I will give it a kiss!"
He is so silly!
There were signs the told about the rocket and what it had done.

There was also this sign that told about the rocket and when it was placed there.
Look at Atlas hanging around.

Although this was Atlas's first visit, it was not mine. I remember when this fence was not around the base of the rocket. I find it sad that so many have defaced it and to protect it this fence had to be placed.

See the difficulty.

This welcome center is part of the Eisenhower Interstate System.
We will find out what that is and get back to you.
Anybody know what that is?
The Alabama Welcome Center is located on I-65 as you enter Alabama from Tennessee. It is on the South bound side but is easily accecced if you are going North.

birds' eye view