Saturday, November 26, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the states. We celebrated a little late here, but it was just as enjoyable.

This is most of the spread before it was devoured.

This is the dessert table (with a ham that had not made it to the other table). See how he is guarding that pumpkin pie? Don't get in between a turtle and his pumpkin pie!

Atlas has been enjoying his day. He made new friends.

And this is where he lost his tag. We knew it would happen eventually. It is now packed away in his bag. Still he enjoyed his fun time with his new friends.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Around Town: Greenville, TX

Another picture of the Hunt County Court House.

There have been many activities that have happened around this courthouse. There was an annual walkathon, to raise money to battle drugs, that started and ended at the courthouse. Everyone would meet there and walk together through town and then back to the courthouse. I think the trek was around ten miles. Once back at the courthouse we would listen to bands, drink sodas, eat, and draw for prizes. My family would go every year and the walk was nothing to us since we walked everywhere anyways.

Another event was the the Cotton Jubilee which had bed races. I do not know what the official title was for these races but that is exactly what happened. Teams would form, pay a fee to enter, and then build a rolling bed. If memory is correct there had to be four people to a team. One person would be in the bed and the other three would push. There would be four teams against each other at a time until there was a winner. I think one year there was a bed that only had three wheels.

Crossroads Mall

My dad helped build this mall. I do not ever remember it not being there. You cannot tell from the picture that this was a really busy mall. It is not as busy as it used to be unless there is an event there. When I was visiting there was a gun show held here and you could not find a parking place.

This mall used to house Walmart, back when it closed at night and before they built a new one across the interstate that did not close. I can still remember the popcorn machine at the front of the store and where the toys were.

Also that little yellow building to the right in the background is Taco Bueno. Can someone say yum?

Graham Park

I spent many holidays and non-holidays at this park. Specifically the Fourth of July. The city would have all sorts of festivities at the park, and after nightfall they would shoot off fireworks. I can still remember the foot paddle boats in the pond, the blankets spread on the ground over the burnt grass, and all of the food being cook by so many different vendors. One year we were unable to make it to the park and were able to see the fireworks from the house. Such fun!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Schools: Greenville, TX

The schools that I attended once upon a time.

Greeville High School


Greenville Middle School

The middle school, like so many other schools, was once the high school.

Such a brave little turtle to perch at the feet of a lion.

I ran out of time to visit the intermediate school. Next time I will make a special trip there!

Oh, the memories of times spent in those classrooms. My favorite was art class (in all three schools).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Greenville, Texas

I visited Greenville, Texas.

These are not the best photos, but this is the Hunt County Court House

and the welcome sign.

I visited friends and wandered the familiar streets. Even after years have passed, I can find my way around this town with little thought.

It is strange to see a place stay the same and change so much. The places that seem to stay the same are those that have always been there. The places that never seemed to change even then, like down town and the old neighborhoods. The places that change are those closest to the interstate. The new exits, the bridge and interstate work, and the new Braum's.

I have missed the place; it is the old home, but it seems somewhat foreign now. It is still welcoming. It is just not home now.

I want to go back and stay longer. I was unable to see some of the places further out in Greenville, nor was I able to visit some of the surrounding cities and towns that I remember. I just do not know when that will happen.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Atlas the navigator

Warning: long post and possible tangent

I usually do not use a navigation device. You know what I am taking about the Garmins and TomToms.

I usually to not use them. I plan a trip, open up Google or Yahoo Maps, and follow the directions (for the most part). I have always been good at reading a map, understanding directions, and knowing approximately where I am. I have never understood how a person can get so lost, like REALLY LOST.

Don't get me wrong I do get lost, every now and then, but I still have an idea of where I am AND being lost is usually a result of not consulting the directions/ map first. I admitted to getting lost in Dallas. I did not consult the map first! At my first stop in Texas, I passed the last road that I was supposed to turn on. I did not look again at my directions; I did not look at the final turn. I thought I was on the road.

Side note: I really do not like the FM (Farm to Market) roads in Texas! They are all numbers that begin to run together!! I was on something like FM 267 and I was supposed to turn onto something like FM 266! I think that explains everything.

Usually I use an atlas. You may say "Hey, I saw those pictures of you using the Garmin!" And you are right completely! I did use the Garmin on the trip to and from Pennsylvania (I will have to take that trip again and take more pictures for sure), and it was my first and, so far, last time to use a navigation device. What you do not see is that I still used an atlas to figure out different possible routes. We were in a major traffic jam (the five of us) and figured out an alternative route (that was fun) to get around the jam.

You were able to see some of the fun we had on the alternative route in this post. Once we got back on the original path we were stuck in traffic again and again! That time we could not find a better way, but we were able to avoid the first half of it.

The trip to PA was not an easy trip with going through several big cities and being the first time to make this trip. The Garmin really helped us to get there and get back. Otherwise it would have taken much longer to get there and back, even with the traffic jams.

Saturday, November 5, 2011