Friday, November 11, 2011


Atlas the navigator

Warning: long post and possible tangent

I usually do not use a navigation device. You know what I am taking about the Garmins and TomToms.

I usually to not use them. I plan a trip, open up Google or Yahoo Maps, and follow the directions (for the most part). I have always been good at reading a map, understanding directions, and knowing approximately where I am. I have never understood how a person can get so lost, like REALLY LOST.

Don't get me wrong I do get lost, every now and then, but I still have an idea of where I am AND being lost is usually a result of not consulting the directions/ map first. I admitted to getting lost in Dallas. I did not consult the map first! At my first stop in Texas, I passed the last road that I was supposed to turn on. I did not look again at my directions; I did not look at the final turn. I thought I was on the road.

Side note: I really do not like the FM (Farm to Market) roads in Texas! They are all numbers that begin to run together!! I was on something like FM 267 and I was supposed to turn onto something like FM 266! I think that explains everything.

Usually I use an atlas. You may say "Hey, I saw those pictures of you using the Garmin!" And you are right completely! I did use the Garmin on the trip to and from Pennsylvania (I will have to take that trip again and take more pictures for sure), and it was my first and, so far, last time to use a navigation device. What you do not see is that I still used an atlas to figure out different possible routes. We were in a major traffic jam (the five of us) and figured out an alternative route (that was fun) to get around the jam.

You were able to see some of the fun we had on the alternative route in this post. Once we got back on the original path we were stuck in traffic again and again! That time we could not find a better way, but we were able to avoid the first half of it.

The trip to PA was not an easy trip with going through several big cities and being the first time to make this trip. The Garmin really helped us to get there and get back. Otherwise it would have taken much longer to get there and back, even with the traffic jams.

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