Thursday, July 28, 2011

OH and a little KY

So, where was I? Oh, yeah Lake Erie in Ohio, right?
I finally made it to the lake shore. It was not quite what I was expecting.

There was a lot of Canada Geese, and it was hot. I stayed for about an hour and fed the geese.

Man, were they hungry! I thought they were going to attack me, but they ate all of the bread we had with us and then wandered away.

Then I started back home. The drive through Ohio seemed to take forever!! Well, I was driving the entire length from Lake Erie to Steubenville to Cincinnati before leaving the great state of Ohio.

We made our way through Kentucky and to bypass some traffic took a different route. Our new route led past a castle in Lexington.


It also lead us through the Bourbon Trail. We were only able to make one stop, so we stopped at the Four Roses Distillery.

After our detour and merging back with the original route we found ourselves in the middle of more traffic. This means that had we remained on the original path we would have been in traffic the entire way! Instead we were able to take in the scenery. We finally made it home late that night, but we were home after a fun trip.

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