Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So this summer I traveled to Pennsylvania and made a few stops in Ohio and Kentucky on the way back home.

I really enjoyed PA. I can see why there are so many snowbirds traveling back and forth from PA and Florida. If I could I would do the same thing, only backwards. Stay in PA during the summer and spend the rest of the time at home.

I was there in June and it was COLD. Well, cold to me, temperature is relative. It was in the 70s during the day and high 50s at night. I am used to it being low 90s during the day and 60s-70s during the night in June at home. So it was COLD.

It sprinkled the entire time I was there and the sun came out the morning I was leaving (OK I was only there a couple of days so it probably does not rain all the time). Everything there was a beautiful green color, and I just loved the time spent there.

About the only thing I did not like was that where I was staying sirens blared many times. The sound of them scare me, especially after going through tornadoes in April. When they would sound no one seemed to notice them much so, when I asked about them they seemed a little surprised. They told me that it was the way they called the volunteer firemen and others public service workers to work. I asked if they had phones or walki-talkies or something instead and was told that they have those too. The sound of a tornado siren going off several times a day made me nervous.

But really I think I could live in PA during the summer. It was refreshing and just wonderful. I loved the pastures, the old feeling of many of the structures and towns, and I just felt comfortable there.

(Waterford Tavern, a restaurant I ate at in Waterford, PA. It was originally a hotel and was rather old.)

So since I was so close to lake Erie I had to drive up there and check it out. I drove through Erie, PA (which was NOT my intention. I meant to go around it) and went through downtown. It was a somewhat shabby looking place, but most downtowns are rather shabby. While there I was informed that Erie's nickname is " The Mistake on the Lake" which may or may not suit it.

(A fountain in downtown Erie, PA)

I saw the lake but it was too crowded so I went on down the road.

(View of the Lake in Erie, PA, just past the fountain in downtown. This picture does not give justice to how crowded it was)

I finally stopped to see the lake when I was on the other side of Ohio. I will tell more about that next time!

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