Monday, November 21, 2011

Greenville, Texas

I visited Greenville, Texas.

These are not the best photos, but this is the Hunt County Court House

and the welcome sign.

I visited friends and wandered the familiar streets. Even after years have passed, I can find my way around this town with little thought.

It is strange to see a place stay the same and change so much. The places that seem to stay the same are those that have always been there. The places that never seemed to change even then, like down town and the old neighborhoods. The places that change are those closest to the interstate. The new exits, the bridge and interstate work, and the new Braum's.

I have missed the place; it is the old home, but it seems somewhat foreign now. It is still welcoming. It is just not home now.

I want to go back and stay longer. I was unable to see some of the places further out in Greenville, nor was I able to visit some of the surrounding cities and towns that I remember. I just do not know when that will happen.

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